Frequently asked questions

What equipment will I need ?

Of course, if you work out at a gym, you’re all set already! Home users recommended : Click HERE for complete list

  1. dumbbells (select a weights) this way you can adjust your weight for more heavy lifting days
  2. bench or plyo box or very sturdy chair
  3. physio ball (stability ball)
  4. resistance band (mini & long loop bands)

How do I access my membership?

Paid subscription is required to access workouts and premium APP. No contracts, cancel anytime. Internet is required!

Will I lose my access?

Subscription is required to access basic or premuim APP. You will have access until you cancel. You cancel anytime. No PDF version is available.

Who can use this membership?

Within the #GetupNationSquad you find workout for pregnant women, early postpartum and those on there snapback journey. Although there will no modifications listed for moves, a vast majority of the exercises are simple enough for the average person. If you are following the "Train with Nardia" program workouts are progressive, therefore great for beginners. Program will continue to advance as training goes on so be sure to follow in order.

Is a meal plan provided?

Definitely! Basic nutritional guides are provided to those with prenuim access for most eating lifestyles are provided at no additional cost. For cusmozed nutritional guide and nutritional coaching that are adaptive and flexible to most lifestyles. Click here I recommend you get eBook The Ultimate Meal guide. Which breaks down macro tracking, foods to eat, foods to avoid, a meal plan with grocery list, recipes, carb cycling and much more.

I'm a beginner/postpartum can I do the workouts?

When Nardia coaches, she gives modifications and alternatives. If you have any pre-existing injuries, please get clearance from your doctor. If you're postpartum, be sure you have been cleared for exercise (typically around 6+ weeks after birth, but varies based on birth experience and recovery.) I highly recommend you check with your doctor or midwife before returning to an exercise program. Our video-on-demand library and LIVE classes are great for most fitness levels, especially those wanting to lose build back core and total body strength postpartum, anyone wanting to lose fat and tone, and those new to exercise. Heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction, restore your core and overall strength, and prepare for the demands of motherhood. Our training programs are designed to both build muscle while at the same time burning fat. If you have a more specific goal geared towards competition building muscle, athletic training, military or law enforcement training, you should check out our other online coaching programs.

What time is LIVE workouts and if I can't make the LIVEstream times?

For LIVE workout see schedule. Occassiona Zoom for face to face workouts and group coaching.

What's included in the #GETUPNATIONSQUAD?

Basic plan includes:

  • HD video workouts ( no commerical)
  • Private Facebook community access
  • FREE basic APP access
Premium Access includes:
  • Everything in basic plan+
  • Support from your 100s of new fit friends from around the world.
  • Workout Calendar
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Macro Tracker
  • Progress Tracker
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Recipes
  • Mini-Challenges
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Zoom Workouts*
  • Exclusive discounts
  • HD Workout Videos